Verne Technology


Based in Milan, Verne Technology counts on the support of a highly-qualified team of engineers, specialised workers and suppliers with proven technical expertise to deliver superlative quality solutions to a market that demands increasingly higher standards.

Verne Technology is both proud and confident of its products, which are all ATEX certified and made entirely in Italy, and boast undeniable advantages over even the best international competitor.

Innovative transport solutions for

Powders, Polymers and Granulates

- Products -

NEA 430

The NEA 430 (High-Density powder, Low-Volume air) powder pump transports large amounts of powder from one location to another.

NEA 415

The NEA 415 Powder Feed Pump (Dense Low-Pressure Phase) delivers precise amounts of powder from a power source to a powder spray gun.

NEA 230

NEA 230 is an entirely pneumatic system for the medium pressure transport of granulates with constant product delivery feed rates.

Control Panel

To offer its clients a complete technical package allowing them to maximise the operating productivity of the transport system used


This versatile trolley allows systems and utilities to be transported simply into work environments in compliance with the ATEX directive

Spare Parts

P/N 10005-XX Pinch valves body, NEA 230-430, assembed
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