Type WANGEN Vario Twin


Gently feeding high-viscosity media: The WANGEN VarioTwin is an hygienic and patented add-on module to the WANGEN Twin screw pump, with hopper and screw conveyor.

Performance Data
Flowrate up to 10 m³/h / 44,03 gal/min.
Maximum differential pressure up to 25 bar / 362.6 psi
Temperature up to +90 °C / 194 °F
Viscosity up to 3.000.000 mPa·s

Benefits and Characteristics

  • ‘Coreless' screw for gentle product treatment of media.
  • Hygiene-optimised design; therefore, minimal dead spaces.
  • Cantilevered support system of the screw for maximum hygiene with minimal residues
  • Low space requirement due to compact design.
  • Drive independently controlled pump speed.
  • Low energy consumption due to energy-efficient
  • Materials are FDA-compliant, product-contacting
Fields of Application

The VarioTwin is the ideal feeder unit to pump highly viscous, not flowable media for the series 104 and 130 of the WANGEN Twin. This is due to the forced conveying of the pumped media via the feed screw. To cover the widest possible range of applications, the length of the hopper can optionally be designed at various levels. Therefore, the name VarioTwin was chosen.

Suitable for the following media
  • High-viscosity dough in the baking industry
  • Fruit, such as strawberries, including frozen fruit
  • Vegetables, such as potatoes
  • High-viscosity chocolate mixture, waffle rework, marzipan and sugar mixtures (licorice, etc.)
  • High-viscosity dairy products, such as curd
  • Pulp-containing media, such as additives in food production
  • High-viscosity soy products (okara)
  • Meat-based products, such as raw mixture of
  • Fibre-containing extracts for the cosmetics
  • High-viscosity chemical products, such as anti-freezing agents, glues (including wood glue) or raw materials and pastes
  • Hopper available in variable length, optimally balanced to meet the field of application and requirements.
  • ‘Coreless’ screw conveyor. Is able to return excess material.
  • Particularly gentle feeding.
  • Simple, effective cleaning.
  • Drive of feed screw in the hopper can be regulated separately.
  • S-cone adapter element. Connects the feed unit with the WANGEN Twin. Suitable for the Twin 104 and 130.
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