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Valisi Pumps

Established in 1977, VALISI has been one of the first companies worldwide to develop and produce rotary peristaltic pumps and has become more and more specialized in this market segment thanks to a continuous evolution and research.

Nowadays it offers a complete range of pumps formed by three series and twenty-eight sizes, covered by patents that make the VALISI peristaltic pumps unique and inimitable. Among its straight points is the hose availability, offered in twelve different materials, that allow wide possibilities of applications in various industrial sectors.

The company, very versatile and addressed to find solution to every customer's problem, is also proposing, thanks to its highly specialized sales engineers, a service of technical consultancy, with the aim of meeting every possible pumping needs required by the market, together with the offer of product customized on the basis of the customer and its problematic. An efficient sales network guarantees then the distribution of its products all over Italy and abroad, where it operates through its own distributors in more than 30 countries.