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Temporary Strainers

ACME FLUID is the best Manufacturers, Supplier & Exporter of Temporary Strainers as Conical strainers, Cone strainer, Flat Hat type, (Flat Strainer), Plate Type, Stainless Steel Temporary Strainers, Cast Steel Temporary Plate Strainers, etc. Temporary Strainer installed temporarily in a pipeline to remove sediment and debris from fluids.

Conical Strainers or Cone Type Strainer

Conical Strainers are known as Temporary Strainers, and these Conical Filter Strainers used for filtration of the system. We are the suppliers of Cone type temporary Strainers in fully various design. These Conical Temporary Strainers mostly used by new plants.

Flat Hat Type

We are manufacturers of Temporary Flat Strainers or Flat Strainer. These flat hat type filters mostly use in new piplines to solids removal. We make flate strainer by using wire mesh or perforated plates.

Plate Type Strainers

ACME engaged in production and supplying a wide range of Plates Type Strainer. These Temporary Plate TYpe Strainers can also be customized as per client technical details.

  • 1" to 48" (To be Sandwiched between FF, RF and RTJ Fianges)
  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Alloy Steel
  • Pressure Rating = 150# to 2500#
  • Three Types of Design are Available = Conical, Flat Hat and Plate Type.

Specially designed for filtration of unwanted particles, for protection of fluid and gas handling equipments during commissioning of plant or during maintenance.