Apoorva Valves

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Main application fields

  • Food
  • Dairy Products
  • Oenology
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetic
  • Textile
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Construction
  • Ceramic
  • Water treatment
  • Tanning
  • Galvanic treatments
  • Steel
  • Paints
  • Mining

Typical applications

  • Slurries with sand or metal particles
  • Cobalt, nickel slurries, percolation
  • Lime milk; polyelectrolyte; caustic soda; mud in suspension: iron chloride; iron sulphate;
  • Pigments for plastic; acids; solvents; polyester mixtures; detergents;
  • Toothpaste; shampoo; soaps; creams;
  • Bleaches; dyes; size
  • Adhesives; dyes; retainers; microbicidals
  • Paints; pigments for tiles and bricks; concrete
  • additives; paste; silk-screen enamels; dyes, latex;
  • Distilled water; acids.
  • Egg white and yolk; edible fats; natural flavours; chocolate; ice creams; dietary food; milk; yoghurt

General Features

  • Suitable for continuous heavy duty (24/24) service
  • P.D.: an excellent dosing pump
  • Self-priming: no level differential requiredNeither valves, nor stuffing box: It can handle unrefined liquid even with small suspended particles
  • Does not emulsify, nor does it create turbulence: recommended for some non-emulsifiable liquids
  • Dry-operation: The pump can be dry opeated without any damage to mechanical parts
  • Vacuum: it can be used as a vacuum pump
  • Reversible: easy to clean thanks to the reversible rotating direction
  • Limited maintenance: Minimum time for maintenance; very easy hose replacement.


Two shoes mounted at 180° on a rotating wheel compress successively a reinforced rubber hose that contains a fluid to be pumped.

Vacuum is created as the hose returns to its original position and this causes the suction of the material which is pushed forward by the second shoe.

Particularly suitable to convey dirty liquids, thick and viscous mixtures as well as abrasive and corrosive liquids.

The rotor is supported by the heavy-duty bearings of the gear motor.

The pumps operates with constant lubrication mixture consisting of silicones/glycerine/glycols