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Blacoh Fliud Control

BLACOH Fluid Control was founded in 1976 by Chairman/CEO, Gary Cornell, and partners Robert Blair and Floyd Haynes. Having worked for a major manufacturer of air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps, the three partners were acutely aware of the flow system problems inherent with the start-stop or pulsing flow found in fluid process systems using positive displacement pumps.

BLACOH's mission was simple - design an easy and effective solution to this common pumping system problem. Fueled by a drive to be the market leader in pulsation dampening and surge control, BLACOH engineered their signature SENTRY line of products. Since those early days, BLACOH customers have continued to direct our progress and growth, driving product innovations to solve a variety of fluid process system problems.

BLACOH Is Fluid Control

BLACOH is the industry standard for dampening the pulsation created by positive displacement pumps. We've been in business for more than 30 years, providing smooth fluid flows for pumping systems all over the world. Today, led by a team with over 60 years of combined experience, BLACOH stands alone as the industry leader and foremost expert in the manufacture of fluid control products for all facets of municipal and industrial process industries, and virtually every application, from the harshest chemicals to the most delicate cosmetics. SENTRY Pulsation Dampeners, Surge Suppressors and Inlet Stabilizers remove hydraulic shock and vibration, enhancing all-around performance and reliability of fluid flow applications. All SENTRY dampeners manufactured by BLACOH use pressure bodies made in the USA to insure quality. Prior to shipment, each and every dampener is factory tested at design pressure or higher to assure proper function and leak-free operation.